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Visit in New Zealand

Visit in New Zealand

1.  When you apply for a visitor visa, we need to know that

2.  You are in good health

3.  You are of good character

4.  A visitor visa fits your purpose for coming to New Zealand, and

5.   You are a bona fide temporary visitor.


Your passport : You will need to provide your passport with your application. The passport must be valid for at least three months past the date you are to leave New Zealand, or one month past the date you intend to leave if the government issuing your passport has consular representation in New Zealand.


Proof that you plan to leave New Zealand

You will need to show us that you intend to leave within the period of your visa. For example:

1.  Travel tickets (confirmed or open-dated) out of New Zealand to a country which you have the right to enter; or

2.  Written confirmation from an airline or travel agency that onward travel has been booked and paid for.


Proof of funds

You will also need to show us proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay. This means you have a minimum of:

1.  NZ $1000 per person per month of the visit, or

2.  NZ$400 per person per month if accommodation has already been paid for – we will require proof of prepayment, such as hotel prepaid vouchers.

Sufficient funds can be in the form of:

1.  Cash

2.  Travellers' cheques

3.  Bank drafts

4.  Recognised credit cards with sufficient credit available – we recommend that visitors have an up-to-date credit card statement.

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