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Migrate to UK

Migrate to UK

Migrating to UK involves lot of procedures and proper documentation for your application to be successful. It involves getting requisite number of points to be eligible for the Immigration under UK Tier 1 (General) Migrant Visa rules. Eligibility for PBS (Points Based System) can be assessed by the self assessment points calculator which is evaluated on the basis of Education achieved, Previous Earnings, English Language Proficiency, Age and various other factors.


An overview on how points are calculated:

1.  Age : 0 – 20 Points

2.  Qualifications : 30 – 45 Points

3.  Previous Earnings : 0 – 80 Points

4.  Maintenance (Funds) : 10 Points

5.  English Language : 10 Points


NOTE : Entry Clearance Officers will only award points for the sections for where you have indicated that you wish to claim them, and for which you have supplied the required supporting evidence.


Apart from the eligibility criteria, an evidence of sufficient funds for the applicant and accompanying dependents if any at the time of application is required. Biometric reports are also to be submitted.


Once you have all the required supporting documents only then can you apply for the approval.


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