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Migrate to Australia

Migrate to Australia

Why migrate to Australia?

On migration to Australia, the migrants can experience the beauty and uniqueness of the country including:

1.  A well balanced life style

2.  Friendly people

3.  Good weathert

4.  Peaceful multicultural society

5.  Clean & safe environment with fresh air

6.  Excellent schools and Universities

7.  Highly competitive work force


How can I migrate to Australia?

You can migrate to Australia as a skilled worker under the general skilled migration category. The skilled worker category four main categories as mentioned below:

1.  Skilled - Independent Migration

2.  Skilled - Sponsored Migration

3.  Skilled - Regional Sponsored Migration

4.  Skilled - Recognized Graduate Migration


If you fall under any of the above mentioned categories apply for the Australian skilled worker visa.


What is the process of Australian skilled worker visa?

It's a points based system. Australian skilled worker visa is granted to the skilled workers if they score specified points. The assessment is done using immigration point's calculator.


How can I apply for skilled migration Visa?

If you want to apply for Australia skilled worker visa, contact BWIS and get details about the Australian visa services , requirements, documentation, process time and visa cost.

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